A new way to improve business performance

There's a better way to take care of the tasks that burden your business. From routine processing to high value IT integration, intelligent automation presents a new way forward. Free up your valuable staff by implementing innovative technology so your people can focus on connecting with customers and building your business.

The Problem

Existing business transformation methods are painful, and traditional technologies are unable to truly automate business processes, so employees and organisations continue to be burdened by manual tasks


Lack of System Integration
Expensive Projects
Low Success Rate


Continuous Technical Change Necessary
High Levels of Process Interruption
Slow and Demanding Business Change


Ongoing Quality Issues
Processes stay manual
Significant On-shore Management

The Solution – Intelligent Automation

Routine tasks carried out faster and more efficiently while freeing up
your staff to connect with customers and build your business.

What is Intelligent Automation (IA)?

Intelligent Automation was developed to mimic human tasks performed on the computer in a business environment. IA is the application of artificial intelligence and related new technologies, including cognitive computing and machine learning, to robotic process automation. This convergence of technologies produces automation capabilities that dramatically elevate business value and competitive advantage for your business.

Accounts payable processing example

E-mailed invoice arrives

Automated step

Downloads attachment and reads content

Automated step

Keys data automatically into system

Automated step

Escalation = Exception

Machine learning

Employee review/amend

Machine learning

What types of process can benefit from Intelligent Automation?

  • Data Intensive
  • Repetitive Processing
  • Rule-Driven
  • Electronically Triggered
  • Manual Calculations
  • High Error Rates
  • Complex IT Landscape
  • Labour Intensive

The rise to Artificial Intelligence

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? Intelligent automation is only one step in the innovation journey to full-blown Artificial Intelligence. With each step there’s an increase in human judgement, learning and decision making, creating even more effective business solutions.

The benefits of applying intelligent automation

Increased productivity

Intelligent Automation in Action


  • Customer account management
  • Data migration & integration
  • Mortgage applications


  • Factory data monitoring
  • Product pricing comparisons
  • Automation of logistics data

Procure to Pay

  • AP Invoice processing
  • Routing items and data
  • Systems integration


  • Hardware and software testing
  • Password administration
  • Software deployment


  • Populating subcontractor forms
  • Verification processes
  • Integration of legacy systems


  • Claims processing
  • Premium adjustments
  • Binder/scheme administration


  • Collections processing
  • Chatbots and call centre bots
  • New customer creation


  • Patient data migration & processing
  • Medical bill processing
  • Claim processing

Human Resources

  • Payroll automation
  • Staff on/offboarding process
  • Benefits administration