Businesses we’ve helped Transform Customer Journeys.

Aged Care Client Lean Transformation in Onboarding

Lean Six Sigma review resulting in a reduction in customer onboarding from 3 hours to 5 minutes per customer, including using RPA to download records from My Aged Care portal.

BankFirst New Member Onboarding

Innovior automated the new member onboarding process into their core banking system. Members are set up with all confirmations and new onboarding material communicated via SMS and email.

TMBL Major Customer Experience Uplift

Innovior improved the customer experience relating to limit increase requests. Innovior automated the process of temporary limits increases, and using events to automate the limits reductions once the limit has expired.

AJ Gallagher Customer Data Migration

“Innovior ensured we could meet the critical business needs of our customers in a time of difficulty.” – Transformation Program Director, Insurance Client