The Challenge

After a business acquisition, the data migration caused a major issue with 24,000+ non-compliant Patient Care Plans. A priority one audit issue required the creation of new care plans for these customers. The manual creation of Care Plans onto Australian Unity’s existing Patient Management System which was estimated to take 4,000 days.

The Process

Innovior performed data analysis to identify the non-compliant Patient Care Plans and to address the existing data gaps. In collaboration with the business, we defined a minimum viable product for the Patient Care Plan based on the data held in the patient management system. An automated solution was designed and delivered to generate Patient Care Plans and upload . The automated process was run in bulk for all customers without data gaps, and a remediation process introduced to fill any data gaps in line with the patient’s annual review cycle.

The Benefits



Completion of 24K compliant

Patient Care Plans



18x faster data processing

Improved customer service



$1.1M in cost savings

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