Santos has established their own in-house expert team to deliver a start-to-end automation process – from identifying opportunities to execution. And it’s all thanks to the consultancy know-how of Innovior.


Santos, one of the Asia-Pacific’s leading independent oil and gas producers, recognised the potential of robotic process automation to transform their organisation.

The organisation had not one, but many manual tasks and processes to automate – across finance, procurement, IT and other departments.

So, rather than hiring external consultants for several one-off projects, the business engaged automation specialist Innovior to help embed a Centre of Automation Excellence within the organisation.


Taking stock of the situation

To assess the scope of potential for automation within Santos, Innovior began by mapping out each area of the business. The team identified eight pilot automation processes that made an ideal starting point to get the ball rolling for Santos.

Innovior also created a technology roadmap that would help the incoming in-house team identify other manual processes that were well suited for automation.

With the major project steps now planned out, Innovior helped Santos procure the most appropriate technology and infrastructure to suit the organisation’s needs.

Onboarding a new team

Innovior recruited five developers to form Santos’ in-house team – and trained them in best-practice robotic process automation.

During the training, the development team learnt how to determine which processes made good financial sense to automate.

The new team was then set to work on automating the eight pilot processes that had been identified earlier, with Innovior overseeing the work and giving guidance to ensure the pilots ran successfully.

After five months, the eight pilot projects had wrapped up and the Centre for Automation Excellence had become self-sufficient. Thanks to the training and road-mapping from Innovior, the Santos team had all the tools it needed to identify, assess and implement new automation projects.


The Santos automation team is now fully established, with Innovior available for ongoing partnership and support – should the team require it.

The new automation team has saved Santos … (need more detail on achievements).

  • $xxx savings
  • 5 staff
  • 8 pilot processes

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