Tim Ryan

Director and Co-Founder

Tim Ryan serves as the Director and Co-Founder of Innovior, bringing his vision and passion for solving complex business problems through the fusion of human intelligence and artificial intelligence. With a deep understanding of both business operations and technology, Tim plays a pivotal role in driving Innovior's success by spearheading their unique approach. Tim's holistic perspective enables Innovior to provide strategic guidance and execute solutions that consistently deliver value to their clients.

Under Tim's visionary leadership, Innovior has earned a well-deserved reputation for innovation, reliability and delivering transformative outcomes. Tim holds a First-Class Honours MBA from Melbourne Business School and has also acquired Lean Six Sigma and Prince 2 qualifications, further enhancing his ability to deliver high-quality outcomes for Innovior and its clients.

Prior to co-founding Innovior, Tim gained valuable experience leading large-scale transformation and data programs at a major wholesale telco in Australia. Additionally, he spent a decade in the UK, managing outsourcing, technology and process transformation programs. These experiences have equipped him with the ability to navigate complex challenges and drive transformative results.

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