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Innovior has a proud history of using intelligent automation and cutting-edge solutions to create wins for our customers without forcing them to sacrifice in other areas. No trade-offs. No difficult choices between costs and quality. With our expert help, it is possible to have it all.

These are challenging times for telcos. Budget pressures are mounting. Customer loyalty is down. There is competition from traditional players and the emerging threat of modern substitutes. Whether you are a big-name brand or a niche player, our team has the expertise in automation and integration to not only meet those challenges but transform your operation at speed and for the long-term. It is one thing to cut costs by adopting automation. It is another to do it in a sustainable manner that ultimately increases customer experience and loyalty.

Our solutions

The path to faster and more accurate service for your customers starts with intelligent automation. Repetitive and time-consuming manual processes are the bane of modern-day business, which is why leading telcos are working with our experts to employ the likes of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline their processes, eliminate errors and allow their people to focus on more valuable and rewarding tasks.

  • Robotic process automation
  • Intelligent document processing
  • AI-assisted automation 

The best telcos focus on what they do best – telecommunications – and hand other tasks to experts in their own fields. So that is why Innovior is the provider of choice when it comes to ensuring your automation platform and software is maintained, up to date and optimised. Day in, day out, our award-winning staff conduct reviews and refinements to deliver strong results and allow your teams to focus their time and energy on your business priorities.

  • Support for automated processes
  • Platform support
  • Transition to the cloud
  • Intelligent business process outsourcing

It is one thing to capture data. It is another to transform it into actionable insights that can allow you to reduce risks and seize opportunities. Our people have the tools and knowledge to design strategy roadmaps and extract value from your data. They can reengineer datasets and deploy visualisations so your people can digest information in a dynamic format. Be it cost to acquire, cost to serve or average revenue per user, let us help you realise the power of numbers.

  • Strategy and roadmap design
  • Data science
  • Data engineering
  • Data visualization
  • Utilities customer management

What’s the state of your customer data? Are queries getting lost in a pile of confusion? Is it taking days – instead of minutes – to collate what you need for sales proposals and marketing campaigns?

Delivering exceptional brand and service experiences is never easier than with our smartly designed Salesforce integrations.

Over the three years we’ve been working with Innovior to automate customer services processes we’ve experienced a lot of success. Innovior’s bots now automate ~200,000 annual tasks, which has contributed to 50-80% reductions in cycle times for key customer requests. Innovior has a talented breed of technologists and personable consultants.

Brendan King
Head of Digital (Customer & Workplace/Strategy & Customer Group)
CitiPower, Powercor & United Energy

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