Operational excellence

Grow your profits. Boost efficiencies. Increase capacity across your business. With operational excellence, it’s all within reach.

We’ll convert your strategic ideas into tangible solutions so you can optimise your operations, streamline your supply chain and prepare your workforce for what’s ahead.

Unlock value, now and into the future

Through innovation frameworks like design thinking and Lean Six Sigma, we identify how technology will turn your strategy into reality then we equip your people with the tools to deliver it.

We begin by understanding your goals and plans to pinpoint processes with the greatest optimisation potential.

Through innovation frameworks, like design thinking and Lean Six Sigma, we identify how technology will turn your strategy into reality. Then we equip your people with the tools to deliver it. And we’re nimble too. We redirect momentum and assets as we uncover new insights. So you receive operational efficiencies throughout your transformation journey.

What’s possible with operational excellence

  • Target operating model design

  • Process improvement programs

  • Supply chain optimisation

  • Process automation

Target operating model design

Together with your business leaders, we’ll co-create your roadmap towards your target operating model. We’ll align resources across your value stream and leverage the latest technology to help get you there. And through our improvement projects roadmap, we’ll grow your capability while reducing investment risk during the transformation.

Realise high-return, quick wins. Build confidence across your team. And boost your budget to pursue more complex transformation projects.

Process improvement programs

Time to eliminate waste and speed up your processes? Experienced in Lean Six Sigma and leading tech solutions, we assess opportunities and threats to deliver efficiency gains for years to come.

With streamlined, strategy-focused processes, position your business to lead the way in operational excellence.

Supply chain optimisation

We begin building end-to-end digital models (‘digital twins’) of your supply chain. This enables us to visualise your existing processes, analyse alternate strategies – and then optimise your supply network. But we’re not just focused on today’s challenges. Through our proprietary machine learning algorithms and curated external causal data, we’ll enable you to see what’s ahead too.

Forecast mid- and long-term demand. And direct your operations to mitigate risks – and seize opportunities swiftly.

Process automation

We’ll develop automated processes to collect and process data through advanced document understanding. And by integrating legacy or external systems, we’ll consolidate and streamline processes across your business. As automation experts, the results we achieve are rapid. Projects are often delivered in three months – with ROI achieved within a year.

Reduce effort. Improve information access. And free your people to deliver your strategy.

Operations, optimised

You’ve got the vision and strategy. And we’ll transform your operations to get you there. Remove paper-based processes. Integrate IT systems. And break down silos. Our experienced consultants will explore every corner of your operations to accelerate your transformation journey. Here’s how.

Continuous improvement and delivery

We phase projects over time to improve cashflow, strengthen your digital capabilities and reduce investment risk. To ensure value is always delivered, we develop continuous improvement processes across your value chains.

Data-led analysis

We model potential scenarios to uncover the optimal trade-offs between cost and service levels. So you can refine your supply chain and plan your workforce with clarity. And we’ll strengthen your data capture and review processes to help ensure compliance across areas like accounts payable and quality control.


Technology enabled transformation

All our process improvement programs are heavily technology focused. Our advisory led approach to technology means you always get the right technology implemented the right way for the right opportunity.

Our operational excellence clients

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