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Is your tertiary institution doing enough to stand out from the crowd?

Innovior has the expertise and digital tools to enrich academic journeys and drive a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Create an environment where students and staff thrive … yield better results and greater research output … grow your reputation to attract quality people ... and repeat. It may not be simple but it is achievable with Innovior.

The past few years have been a catalyst for unprecedented change within the higher education sector. Border closures reduced overseas enrolments. Demand soared for online courses. Funding pressures continue to weigh on administrators. As many universities face a daily battle to balance academic, community and operational objectives, just as many are grateful to have the support of a digital transformation leader that is not only helping them negotiate a new world but create an even better one.

Our solutions

The future of higher education lies with intelligent automation and assistive digitals. Elevate the student journey via online learning and same-day admissions. Improve staff experience with connected planning. Ease academic workloads by automating laborious tasks such as student results processing. It all starts with the likes of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning and Innovior has the tools and people to make it a reality.

  • Robotic process automation
  • Intelligent document processing
  • AI-assisted automation
  • Customer interaction automation & chatbots
  • Test automation

You don’t have to be a management professor to appreciate that the best organisations focus on what they do best and outsource the rest. Innovior is an industry leader in managing automation programs on behalf of higher education institutions, which means your software is maintained, kept up to date and optimised every day and your teams have the capacity to deliver on their business priorities.

  • Support for automated processes
  • Platform support
  • Transition to the cloud
  • Intelligent business process outsourcing

The amount of data being generated by universities is phenomenal but it counts for little if it isn’t leveraged via integrated planning and data-driven decision solutions. Our people are experts at designing strategic roadmaps, reengineering datasets and deploying visualisations to help your people thrive. Cyber security is also top of mind, with our digital platforms capable of managing regulatory risk, data protection and core system governance.

  • Data strategy & governance
  • Data migration and integration
  • Data presentation
  • Insight generation
  • Forecasting & planning

Delivering exceptional brand and service experiences is never easier than with our smartly designed Salesforce integrations. By leveraging powerful analytics and creating solutions at speed, we can help you discover what your students truly want, seize new business opportunities and optimise your growth potential. Rather than simply squeezing existing technology into your systems, let us deploy a personally designed customer relationship management platform that perfectly matches your needs.

The days of needing to trawl through reams of spreadsheets and complex chains of email threads are over. Connected planning will allow you to integrate hundreds of processes across your institution and empower your people to plan with confidence in real-time. By connecting core functions, databases and systems in one cloud platform, you will never be better placed to make informed, strategic decisions and plan for the future.

The insights and talent that Innovior delivers has allowed La Trobe University to drive process transformation at speed and at scale. Innovior’s passion for quality education has made a tangible difference to our student experience.

Simon Stevens
Director (Service Innovation)
La Trobe University

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