How Salesforce Health Cloud is improving care in the home

As we usher in the new year, the outlook for health executives in 2024 appears challenging rather than exhilarating. Having navigated the complexities of the post-COVID era, hospital and healthcare leaders are confronted with formidable challenges, compounded by factors such as aging populations, heightened competition from non-traditional players, financial strains due to inflation and wage growth and ongoing digital transformation, including the integration of artificial intelligence. A further concern is McKinsey & Co's forecast of a potential shortage of up to 450,000 nurses for direct patient care in the U.S. by 2025 1.

Complicating matters is the increasing demand for in-home care, prompting both governments and healthcare providers to shift towards home-based services. Notably, over 300 hospitals and health systems in the U.S. have embraced Hospital in the Home programs since 2020, aiming to leverage Medicare reimbursements for qualifying services 2.

Amidst these challenges, the comforting realisation emerges that technology experts are actively addressing these issues. Salesforce, renowned for its trusted CRM platforms, has been at the forefront of this transformation. Notably, Salesforce Health Cloud, introduced in 2015, has evolved to meet the changing landscape of healthcare. Recognising the rising importance of home care, Salesforce introduced Home Health to efficiently manage in-home healthcare services.

What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based platform designed for healthcare providers to manage patient data more efficiently and improve overall patient care. From providing a centralised platform to manage patient records and facilitating better communication among healthcare teams and patients to offering analytical tools that help identify trends and predict outcomes, the solution is helping innovative providers meet the challenges of modern healthcare3.

What is Salesforce Home Health?

Salesforce Home Health is a recent addition to its Health Cloud offering that aims to help providers meet the unique challenges of the growing homecare sector. Along with automating the intake and scheduling process for patients with in-home treatments, the feature can be used to assign care resources that match patient preferences, manage home visits and authorisations, and help providers manage medication safely and cost-effectively.

What sets Innovior's Home Care Solutions package apart? 

Innovior’s Home Care Solutions Package is a suite of solutions that combines the power of Salesforce Health Cloud and Home Health products with Innovior’s custom-designed accelerators and its expert medical and management consulting team. An asset for any hospital or health provider, the package’s solutions prioritise four key areas.

1. Acquisition and onboarding

Innovior's solution streamlines patient onboarding and care planning by integrating Salesforce Health Cloud's capabilities with purpose-built MAC integration. This not only saves substantial time but also enhances lead quality, resulting in a reported sales conversion rate spike of 70-90%.

2. Scheduling, workforce management and service delivery

Leveraging Salesforce Home Health capabilities, Innovior optimises models for scheduling the right caregiver, leading to higher staff utilisation, increased minutes of care, reduced travel times, and greater staff satisfaction.

3. Quality of care and customer retention 

Innovior's Patient Goals Management App and AI-powered Unspent Funds Engine, integrated with Salesforce, empower health workers to create and track patient goals. The Continuous Improvement Dashboard provides insights into service delivery, customer satisfaction, and compliance.

4. Claims, payments and billing

Innovior integrates Salesforce, My Aged Care and provider billing platforms, offering real-time visibility into service delivery data and billing information. This intelligent automation simplifies the billing process, ensuring accuracy and reducing error rates. 


While 2024 presents challenges for health executives, the collaboration between Innovior and Salesforce offers a beacon of hope. The Home Care Solutions Package not only addresses industry-specific needs but also prioritises patient-centric care, resulting in cost reduction, increased efficiency, and improved staff satisfaction and retention. In a sector teeming with competition, Salesforce's dominance in the CRM market, combined with Innovior's comprehensive solutions, ensures that hospitals and providers can navigate these challenges without compromising on the needs of their clients.

In a sector with no shortage of competitors, Salesforce has secured a greater share of the CRM market than its four leading competitors combined4. It is a clear winner – but how do you choose a Salesforce consulting partner to guide an implementation?

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