Is your department running siloed services? Making slow, short-sighted decisions? Or delivering inconsistent experiences?

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you integrate your operations, make decisions based on hard data, and create a seamless experience for your staff and your citizens.

Your streamlined services start here

To us, long-standing processes and procedures aren’t bottlenecks or barriers to innovation. In fact, every workflow is an opportunity to be examined and refined.

Struggling with visibility across your departments? We can give you full oversight – while guaranteeing security and governance. Trapped under mountains of big data? Let us unearth a treasure trove of insights. Limited by a lack of funding? We can help you achieve (much) more with less through intelligent automation. Let’s get started.

We help transform government departments at a local, state and federal level.

What’s possible in government

  • Large-scale transformation and planning

  • Process improvements

  • Data migrations

  • Immunisation digitisation for education departments

  • Traffic fines processing for justice departments

Large-scale transformation and planning

Our consultants develop (and implement) long-term plans to deliver deep transformation throughout your organisation.

We help you optimise planning and decision making across your teams and processes. And then we lead you through the transformation. From high-level strategy to day-to-day operations – and everything in between.

Process improvements

Is it time to streamline your routine processes? We simplify complex data migrations, moving your data to the target system securely and at speed.

We’ll make your migration seamless. So you can use your new system with 100% data accuracy.

Our consultants are skilled in Lean Six Sigma to identify sources of waste and redundancy. We propose,  and deliver, leaner, agile solutions, so you can reap the rewards sooner.

Data migrations

We simplify complex data migrations, moving your data to the target system securely and at speed. We’ll make your migration seamless. So you can use your new system with 100% data accuracy.

Immunisation digitisation for education departments

Is your team bogged down in manual immunisation record management? With our end-to-end solution, we automate all kinds of admin tasks – from record gathering and storing to validity checks, maintenance and follow-ups. Plus, we design alerts and monitoring dashboards to keep your staff informed.

Traffic fines processing for justice departments

Does your department have a backlog of unprocessed traffic and civic fines? We build bespoke solutions to automate your processes, like enforcement reviews and payment arrangements. And once these tasks are automated, your people will have the time and space to focus on higher value work.

Lead with service excellence

You operate in a digital-first environment, where citizens aren’t merely comfortable with technology. They expect sleek services.
Through advanced service management technologies and robust analytics, we can transform your systems – to be dependable and delightful.

Raise productivity and staff satisfaction

Automate your high-volume, repeatable tasks with robotic process automation (RPA). Digitise documents and forms to power your processing and reduce user response times. And free your people from tedious tasks to focus on high-value work.

Power your people and processes

We help government departments remove redundant processes and elevate their standards of service. Through automation, experience design and process improvements, our skilled consultants will transform how you work – and the work you deliver.

  • Phased solutions to reduce risks

  • Complete coverage

  • Our experience, your solutions

Phased solutions to reduce risks

You need reliable results. Here’s how we deliver, every time:
  1. Discover processes and workflows with the highest potential to save your staff time and reduce your costs.
  2. Develop POCs (proofs of concept) to workshop solutions and show what’s possible, while bringing your stakeholders along for the journey.
  3. Implement a continuous delivery model with automated workflows, so you’ll continue to reap the rewards.

Complete coverage

From operations to HR to finance, our consultants draw upon their proven project expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions across your whole organisation.

And because we take an organisation-wide approach, we’re able to disrupt any legacy procedures that result in departmental silos. Giving your organisation greater cohesion, connection and collaboration.

Our experience, your solutions

Our diverse group of consultants hold MBAs from Australia’s top business schools. But it’s their decades of industry experience that you’ll benefit from most.

We examine every problem from all angles. Allowing us to rapidly drill down to the root cause of inefficient processes. And equip you with tailored solutions.

Of all the data migrations I’ve been involved in, this was the first time I didn’t have to work on weekends to verify the data. Innovior performed the data migration to a high degree of accuracy and all exceptions were clearly reported and understood.

Raj Srivastva
System Transformation Manager
Department for Education (South Australia)

We are very happy with the results delivered by Innovior’s RPA team. They fully managed the data migration component of the project which allowed our team to focus on and deliver value in other key areas.

Mike McGarvie
Civica (Government contractor)

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